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Nicole's Page

Nicole is a Wiemeraner who loves to come to work everyday. She was six when we adopted her from a rescue center called 'Friends for Pets'. Even though Nicole can be very stubborn and pushy, she 's a great dog. Everyday after lunch she goes for a walk, and if you forget she makes sure you know with some forceful nudging. Her hobbies are eating watermelon and riding in my GMC pickup truck with her fur blowing out the window.


October 19, 2013

Nicole passed away today. She was 11. We started to go for a walk after lunch and she sat down, didn't look well, laid down and just stopped breathing. It was just over that quick. I'm so glad she died so peacefully, I always hated having to put a dog down. It was actually great that we were going for a walk, she loved to go for a walk! She was a great friend, went to work with me everyday. If I didn't take her she was so bummed out! Here she is being her stubborn self, not getting out of the car when we got to work. She will be missed!  RIP

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