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Two-Way Radio Rentals:

 Motorola On-Site RDU2080d 8-Channel UHF

 Water-Resistant Two-Way Business Radio


 Motorola radios can be used to communicate with your staff at events.  They allow for a seemless, smoother flowing event.  Your staff will be more productive   and waste less time crossing large areas to get an answer to a question.  Our radios have several accessory earpieces available for discreet communication,   or for work in loud environments.  All of our radios have pre-programmed, encrypted channels and can be easily switched to a different channel should you   receive interference or static.

Motorola RDX Radios

Compact yet powerful motorola UHF radio with a 12 hour battery life

Surveillance Earpieces

Low profile option for discreet communications.

Over Ear Headsets

Traditional earset for motorola radios. 

Lapel Speaker Mics

Maintain maximum flexibility without worrying about dropping headsets. 

Radio Inventory:

Motorola RDX Series - UHF Two-Way Radios
Motorola Inline Push To Talk Mics/Earpieces (Over the ear)

Motorola Surveillance Earpiece w/Push To Talk (In the ear)

Motorola 53862 External Lapel Speaker Microphone

Motorola 6 Unit Multi-Chargers

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