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Sound System Rentals:

Audio Video West carries a variety of speakers and microphones for any type of event. We offer setup, delivery and also will call rentals from our warehouse. Whether you need a simple system for background music or a large PA for a conference we can accomodate you.  

Sound Projection System

Audio SPeaker System

An economy option, the sound projection system offers simple setup with an integrated wireless handheld microphone, CD player and iPod input.

QSC K10 System

QSC K12 Sound System w/ Speaker Stands & Cables
QSC K10's are a sleek and high fidelity option for your event. This system includes a Mackie 1402 mixer to interface with wireless microphones, iPods, etc. 
QSC K8, K10, K12 Speakers
QSC K10, K12 + KSub System
QSC K10 Speakers pole mount on QSC KSub
QSC K10, K12 Speakers 
packaged with K Subs are perfect when you're looking for some extra volume and bass.  

Concert Sound Package

Audio Mixer Behringer X32

Have an audience over 200? Get in touch with us to discuss larger PA systems. 

PA System Inventory:







Mackie SRM450

Sound Projection

Titan Neo

Anchor 1000x

Mini-Vox Handheld PA



Apogee AE5


EAW - SB150R Subs

Amp Racks

Apogee AE5 Processors

Crown Amplifiers

Carver Amplifiers

QSC Amps

Larger sound systems available. Contact us for a quote


Wireless Hand Held, Lavalier or Headset (Shure ULX, ULX-D, QLX-D, UHF-R)

Microflex Goosneck Podium Microphone (12", 18" Models)

SM58 Vocal Mic

SM48 Vocal Mic

SM57 Instrument Mic

SM81 Condenser Mic

SM98 Percussion and Overhead Mic

Beta 58 Vocal Mic

Beta 57 Instrument/Vocal Mic

Beta 56 Percussion Mic

Beta 52 Kick Mic

Beta 91 Boundary Mic

MX391 Boundary Mic

EZO/G Overhead Mic

MX202 Condenser Mic


AKG535 Condenser Mic

AT831B Lavalier w/TA4F


Shure Headset Mics

Shure MX153 Earset

E6 Countryman Earsets

Other Microphones Available Upon Request - Contact us with your needs


Audio Mixers

Behringer X32

Behringer X32 Compact

Soundcraft Si Expression Digital Audio Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Digital Audio Mixer

Allen & Heath GL2200 24 Input

Shure 262 / 268 8-Input Stereo / 4- Input Mono

Mackie 1402 vlz 14 Input

Mackie 1604 w/Microphone Expander 16 Input

Soundcraft EPM8 8 Input

Soundcraft EPM12 12 Input

Mackie SR32-4 32 Input


Ashly MQX Stereo Equalizer

Ashly PQX Parametric Equalizer

Ashly Protea - 4 ch. Digital Processor

Rane Stereo Equalizer

DBX 166XL Compressors/Gates

Symmetrix Delays

Shure SCM810 16 Ch. Auto Mixer


ClearCom CS-222 Base Stations

ClearCom Headsets w/Belt Pack

Motorola RDX Series - UHF Two-Way Radios

Motorola Inline PTT Mics/Earpieces


CD Player


Press Bridge 1 x 16 Audio & Video Output

Press Bridge 1 x 32 Audio & Video Output

Press Bridge 2 x 24 Audio Output

Audio Snakes

Other equipment available - Contact us with your needs


Interested in purchasing new equipment? Check out our Pro AV Sales Catalog

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