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Los Angeles Speaker Rentals:

Rental speakers and sound systems for events and concerts. We have systems that can cover small events up to 1000's of people. See below for some of our options. 

Speaker Rental Options:

QSC K8/K10
Sound System

QSC K series offers a lightweight high fidelity speaker lineup that is great for both music and speech. 

Sound Projection 
Mackie Sound System

A battery powered speaker with integrated wireless microphone and mixer. This speaker is exteremely simple to setup and good for speech.  

Apogee AE5
Audio Mixer

This passive speaker requires an external processor/amplifier but packs a punch. Great for situations where you need high SPL. 

QSC K Subs
QSC K10 Speaker Pole mount on QSC KSub

QSC K subwoofers are a compact but powerfull option for small concerts or DJ setups. 

Speaker Inventory:





Mackie SRM450

Sound Projection

Titan Neo

Anchor 1000x

Mini-Vox Handheld PA


Apogee AE5


EAW - SB150R Subs

Amp Racks:

Apogee AE5 Processors

Crown Amplifiers

Carver Amplifiers

QSC Amps

Larger sound systems available. Contact us for a quote

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