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Los Angeles Projector Screen Rentals:

Rental projection screens for your upcoming event. We have a variety of options starting at 5 feet wide all the way up to 25' wide. Projectors are also available. 

Projector Screen Options:

Tripod Screen
Tripod Screen

The most traditional and versatile screen out there. The can display 4:3 aspect ratio as well as 16:9 and come in sizes between 5' and 8'. 

Insta-Theater Screen
Deluxe Insta-Theater Screen

A sleeker looking but still very portable and easy to set up option. 

Fastfold Screen
Fastfold Screen

Fastfold screens come in sizes past 20' wide and can be fitted with dress kits for higher end events. They also allow for rear projection if needed.

Inflatable Screens
Outdoor Inflatable Screen

Inflatables are perfect for outdoor events and are very wind resistant. They run off an air pump nearby and can come in sizes from 9' up.

Projection Screen Inventory:

Tripod Screens

4 ft Tripod Screen

5 ft Tripod Screen

6 ft Tripod Screen

7 ft Tripod Screen

8 ft Tripod Screen

Insta Theater Screens

4 ft Insta Theater

5 ft Insta Theater

Roll Up Screens

10 ft Roll up Screen

12 ft Roll up Screen

Fastfold Screens & Dress Kits

100 inch Diagonal

6 ft x 8 ft Screen

7.5 ft x 10 ft Screen

10 ft x 10 ft Screen

9 ft x 12 ft Screen

10.5 ft x 14 ft Screen

Focalpoint 9 ft x 16ft HD Screen

Inflatable Screens

5 ft x 9 ft Screen


larger screens, HD Formats 16:9, 16:10 and drapery dress kits available



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