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Los Angeles Microphone Rentals:

Audio Video West has various microphones for your upcoming event or production. Wired, wirelss, clip on, handheld, please contact us to reserve a microphone today. AV West is a Shure dealer and also has microphones available for purchase. Please remember to request a sound system if you don't already have one. 

Mic Rental Options:

Wireless Handheld
Wireless handheld rental

Wireless handheld microphones are a versatile tool at meetings, concerts and social events. 

Wireless Lavalier
wireless lavalier rental

Lavalier microphones (clip-ons) are usefull for presenters who like to stay hands free. 

Wireless Headset
headset mic rental

Headsets are ideal for dance and theater performers or any presenter that is active on stage. 

Wired Microphones
wired microphone rental

We have a variety of wired microphones for whatever application you need. These are our most affordable option. 

Microphone Inventory:

Wireless Hand Held, Lavalier or Headset (Shure ULX, UHF-R, VHF Series)

Microflex Goosneck Podium Microphone (12", 18" Models)

SM58 Vocal Mic

SM48 Vocal Mic

SM57 Instrument Mic

SM81 Condenser Mic

SM98 Percussion and Overhead Mic

Beta 58 Vocal Mic

Beta 57 Instrument/Vocal Mic

Beta 56 Percussion Mic

Beta 52 Kick Mic

Beta 91 Boundary Mic

MX391 Boundary Mic

EZO/G Overhead Mic

MX202 Hanging Mic


ATM33 Condenser Mic

AKG535 Condenser Mic

AT831B Lavalier w/TA4F


E6 Countryman Headsets

Other Microphones Available Upon Request - Contact us with your needs

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