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Large Outdoor Movie Screening Package 

Large Outdoor Movie Screening Package - Delivery and Setup


6000 lumen HD Projector
Large Screen Inflatable
Speaker System

Projector : 4000 Lumens, 1080p Resolution

Inflatable Screen : 16' x 9'

Sound System : (4) Mackie SRM450 Speakers with Mixer

Player : Blu-Ray Player

The large outdoor movie screening package is ideal for large.  The screen is 16' wide and with ample room for up to 500 people to watch.  It's like bringing a full movie theatre outside.  Your movies will look great in HD with the 4000 lumen projector and sound great with (2) 12" speakers.


This package is delivery only as it takes skilled technicians to set it up safely.



15% Discount for Package

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